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Attack On Titan Episode 25 Subbed

Attack On Titan Episode 25.
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You are watching Attack On Titan Episode 25.
Episode 25 of the TV Anime Series Attack On Titan

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  • Crap of the Titans

    HOORAY!!! It’s done!!!
    This whole series could’ve been done in 12 episodes with a lot more action and A LOT less talking and crying.

  • Crap of the Titans

    Very underwhelming finale as well.

  • 4188

    What about the basement..?!

    • Ace

      next season i guess..

      • Annie2015

        when is the next season coming up??

        • Blood Eye avenoar

          Spring 2017

  • Ace

    next season i guess

  • Sahin Quaden

    Watch every second even the ending!
    There is a short clip at the end!!!

    • john

      thanks dude

    • RedWolf


      I only watch every second when it’s the first episode and the last.

  • Blood Eye avenoar

    Kinda Felt Bad for Annie 🙁

    • MiniMe

      How could you feel ad for a bitch that killed Gunther, Petra and nearly killed Eren

      • Just Richard

        Hey and Oluo and Eldo

      • Kaan

        She killed literally hundreds of people. She is a stone hearted woman. ..

  • Raxel 989

    I’m excited for the next season 😀

  • SuperGoku67890

    whelp good one

  • woooh ! every episode was awesome (/◕ヮ◕)/

  • Just Richard

    “Annie’s still frozen” don’t you mean “Anna’s still frozen” get it, Anna form “Frozen” XD

  • Avinash K. Veerayah

    OMG i thought at the end, when mikasa and eren were alone and armin and jean had left the room, that mikasa will tell eren she loves him or SOMETHING AT THE VERY LEAST. It seems like the perfect opportunity. well that was disappointing. It was still an amazing season nonetheless…. but the fact that there are so many evidences and instances where mikasa is shown to have feelings for eren….its killing me that there isnt any confirmed evidences!!!!